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Paper: A New Survey of Southern High Velocity Clouds
Volume: 166, Stromlo Workshop on High-Velocity Clouds
Page: 308
Authors: Morras, Ricardo; Bajaja, Esteban; Arnal, E. Marcelo; Poppel, W. G. L.
Abstract: A new high-sensitivity HI survey of the southern sky was made south of Declination -25^{o}, at the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia (IAR), on a half-degree grid in galactic coordinates. A total of 50980 positions were observed. One of the goals of this survey was to search for high velocity clouds (HVCs). The HI profiles have been smoothed to a velocity resolution of 8 kms. The resulting rms noise falls in the range 0.015 to 0.020 K. To date we have detected 5828 high velocity (HV) components, 5324 at positive and 504 at negative velocities.
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