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Paper: Numerical Observatory: a Web Site for the Retrieval, Analysis, and Visualiza tion of Simulated Cluster Data
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 241
Authors: Daues, Greg; Currie, Christopher; Anninos, Peter; Kohler, Larissa; Shalf, John; Norman, Michael
Abstract: We have developed a user-friendly, highly interactive, ``Cluster Archive'' web site (htmladdURL{}) that permits users to retrieve, analyze, and visualize archived data from extremely high-resolution numerical simulation s of more than 100 X-ray clusters, spanning several orders of magnitude in luminosity and mass. The Cluster Archive site provides fast and efficient client software in the form of Java applets and CGI scripts to connect with computationally intensive server software. These scripts allow fast data selection, transfer, extraction, and the execution of various analysis routines. The site also supports server side interactive 2D Java and VRML-based 3D visualizations.
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