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Paper: Preparing the COROT Space Mission: Building a Photometric and Variability Database of Stars in its Field of View
Volume: 310, Variable Stars in the Local Group (IAU Colloquium 193)
Page: 564
Authors: Amado, P.J.; Garrido, R.; Poretti, E.; Michel, E.
Abstract: The CNES/European space mission COROT will monitor astereoseismic targets located in selected fields to probe stellar interiors. Therefore, suitable candidate targets have to be searched for in order to optimize the scientific return of the mission. However, to be able to use the asteroseismic tools on the stars, their physical parameters must be known in advance. In this work, we detail the process of building a photometric database of all the stars brighter than V = 8.0 in the field of view of COROT and the process of selecting suitable δ Sct and γ Dor-type stars for the mission For an optimal selection of the seismology targets (for both COROT programs devoted to asteroseismology, i.e., the core and exploratory ones), it is essential to gather a priori as much information as possible on all potential candidates. With this aim, Strömgren-Crawford uvby-Hβ and Ca II H&K photometry were obtained for all of them. These data have been used to derive estimates of their effective temperatures, surface gravities and metallicities. These observations, together with high resolution imaging observations, are components of an ambitious ground-based program.
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