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Paper: Evidence for a Massive Black Hole in the S0 Galaxy NGC 4342
Volume: 182, Galaxy Dynamics: A Rutgers Symposium
Page: 41
Authors: Cretton, Nicolas; van den Bosch, Frank C.
Abstract: We have constructed axisymmetric dynamical models of the edge-on S0 galaxy NGC 4342: simple two-integral Jeans models as well as fully general, three-integral models using a modified version of Schwarzschild's orbit superposition technique. The two-integral models suggest a black hole (BH) of 3 or 6 × 10^8 Msun, depending on the data set. The three-integral models can fit all ground-based and HST data simultaneously, but only when a central BH is included. Models without BHs are ruled out at better than 99.73% confidence level. We determine a BH mass of 3.0^{+1.7}_{-1.0} × 10^8 Msun. This corresponds to 2.6% of the bulge mass, making NGC 4342 one of the galaxies with the highest BH mass to bulge mass ratio currently known.
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