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Paper: Simulations of a Supernova Imposter
Volume: 332, The Fate of the Most Massive Stars
Page: 75
Authors: Arnett, D.; Meakin, C.; Young, P.A.
Abstract: We discuss possible non-supernova eruptions in massive stars like η Carina, using a combination of stellar evolution and radiation hydrodynamics, to ascertain the essential underlying physics of such phenomena. A summary of a combination of numerical hydrodynamical simulations, in one, two, and three dimensions, is used to explore various facets of the problem. We apply insight from multidimensional simulations to both stellar evolution and stellar hydrodynamics in the case of a 120MSolar star of solar abundances. We conclude that such stars should rapidly evolve to the redward of the Humphreys-Davidson limit, where they become vigorously unstable to density clumping and mass ejection, and predict CNO abundance differences in the clumpy and unclumped medium.
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