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Paper: Necessity for High Accuracy Rotation Curves in Spiral Galaxies
Volume: 182, Galaxy Dynamics: A Rutgers Symposium
Page: 387
Authors: Blais-Ouellette, S├ębastien; Carignan, Claude; Amram, Philippe
Abstract: In the last 20 years, rotation curves derived from hI dat obtained with radio synthesis instruments have been used to probe the dark matter distribution in spiral and dwarf irregular galaxies. It is shown, with the aid of the Sd galaxy NGC 5585, that high resolution 2-D hII kinematics is necessary to determine the mass distribution of spirals accurately. New CFHT Fabry-Perot ha observations are combined with low resolution Westerbork hI data to study its mass distribution. Using the combined rotation curve and best fit models, it can be seen that the mlb of the luminous disk goes from 0.3, using only the hI rotation curve, to 0.8, using both the optical and the radio data. This reduces the dark-to-luminous mass ratio by ~ 30%.
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