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Paper: The ESO Precise Radial-Velocity Survey for Extra-Solar Planets: Results from the First Five Years
Volume: 185, Precise Stellar Radial Velocities, IAU Colloquium 170
Page: 154
Authors: Kürster, M.; Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.; Dennerl, K.; Döbereiner, S.; Endl, M.
Abstract: Results are presented from the first five years of the high precision RV survey carried out with the 1.4m CAT+CES spectrograph at ESO La Silla. This RV survey of 40 solar-type stars was begun in Nov. 1992, being the only one in the southern hemisphere at that time. Using an iodine gas absorption cell for self-calibration we currently achieve a long-term precision of 20 m/s in a 30-min exposure of a 5.5-mag star. This value is the typical `working' precision in survey work, i.e. an average over all observing conditions. Pending instrumental developments will soon permit us to enter the 1-2 m/s regime. They comprise a new spectrograph camera for very high resolving power (R=220,000) suitable also for line bisector studies, a fibre-link to the ESO 3.6m telescope, and (likely) a new cross-dispersed mode for the spectrograph. We present our RV data for the three best candidates (stellar spectral types F8V, G0V, and K4V) found in our survey with preliminary periods of 43 d, 600 d, and 400 d, and corresponding minimum masses of m sin i = 0.69, 2.0, and 0.75 Jupiter masses, respectively. We also discuss the role of stellar activity in one of these objects which is our most variable star.
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