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Paper: Towards a New Set of High-Precision Radial-Velocity Standard Stars
Volume: 185, Precise Stellar Radial Velocities, IAU Colloquium 170
Page: 367
Authors: Udry, S.; Mayor, M.; Queloz, D.
Abstract: We are now at a transition point between medium-precision (CORAVEL, 300 m/s) and high-precision (ELODIE, 10 m/s) radial-velocity measurements. Our main goal is to look forwards and propose a new set of standard stars with high-precision radial velocities for solar-type dwarf stars. The CORAVEL-ELODIE combination also permits the definition of a new medium-precision sample of standards for stars with various spectral types and luminosity classes. In this context, the velocity- and color-dependent differences between CORAVEL and ELODIE radial velocities will be emphasized and commented on as well.
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