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Paper: Radio Signatures of Upper and Lower Reconnection Outflow Shocks
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 197
Authors: Aurass, H.
Abstract: For the flare of 28 September 2001, we discuss simultaneously appearing slow drift (type II-like) bursts at about 327 and 58 MHz as radio signature of the upper and lower reconnection outflow termination shock (TS). The features appear during the impulsive phase, but well after the regular travelingshock type II burst, and during the rise of a CME. The sequence of the regular type II and the following standing shock signatures are well in accordance with the energy release diagnostic from the time derivative of the GOES flux. The upper and lower TS features are suggestive of a flux anti-correlation tendency. We use radio imaging data (Nancay Radio Heliograph), SOHO EIT and Yohkoh SXT images to support the TS hypothesis. The result gives new observational support for assuming magnetic reconnection as flare energy release mechanism.
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