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Paper: Interplanetary Flux Ropes and Their Coronal Counterparts
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 433
Authors: Watanabe, Takashi; Namiki, Y.; Adachi, H.; Marubashi, K.; Watari, S.
Abstract: Following the progress of the present solar activity cycle (Cycle 23), from the ascending phase (1997) to the maximum phase (2001), the yearly rate of interplanetary magnetic flux ropes (magnetic clouds) with large inclination was systematically increased. This tendency showed a coincidence with systematic changes in the topology of heliospheric current sheet, namely, from a "flat" configuration in 1997 to a "warping" configuration after 1998. For several high-speed (> 700 kms−1) CMEs and their associated interplanetary flux ropes in November 1997 and in April-May 1998, large-scale "dimmings" of EUV corona were formed in the region underneath the heliospheric current sheet. Close connection between CME formation and the heliospheric current sheet is suggested. For the events discussed in this study, large-scale soft X-ray coronal loops connecting two active regions, which were located in the opposite sides of the heliospheric current sheet, erupted prior to occurrences of relevant CMEs, and dimmings were formed under the erupted loops.
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