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Paper: First Results on HD 172189: a δ Scuti Pulsator in a Binary System
Volume: 333, Tidal Evolution and Oscillations in Binary Stars: Third Granada Workshop on Stellar Structure
Page: 253
Authors: Martin-Ruiz, S.; Amado, P.J.; Suarez, J.C.; Moya, A.
Abstract: First results on the star HD 172189, member of the open cluster IC 4756, are presented in this work. From photometric observations in the Strömgren system carried out in different epochs, its binary nature as well as the presence of a pulsating δ Scuti-type component in this system have been discovered. The frequency analysis of whole dataset confirms a dominant period of 1.32 days and maximum amplitude near 0.02 mag. The fact that HD 72189 is a member of a stellar cluster represents an advantage for its theoretical model. Physical fundamental parameters are obtained taking into account the effect of the rotation, necessary for an proper modeling of HD 172189.
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