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Paper: Variable Star Research by the PLANET Collaboration
Volume: 203, The Impact of Large-Scale Surveys on Pulsating Star Research, IAU Colloquium 176
Page: 25
Authors: Albrow, M. D.; Pollard, K. R.; Beaulieu, J.-P.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Menzies, J.; Vermaak, P.; Depoy, D. L.; Gaudi, B. S.; Gould, A.; Pogge, R. W.; Dominik, M.; Naber, R. M.; Sackett, P. D.; Greenhill, J.; Hill, K.; Kane, S.; Watson, R.; Martin, R.; Williams, A.; Sahu, K. C.; The PLANET Collaboration
Abstract: We review the current status and future prospects of the PLANET collaboration, an international team of astronomers performing high-precision photometric monitoring of microlensing events. Our photometric precision and sampling is characterised and the suitability of the database for variable star studies is discussed. Preliminary results on K-giant stability are presented.
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