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Paper: Frequency Analysis of the RRc Variables of the MACHO Database for the LMC
Volume: 203, The Impact of Large-Scale Surveys on Pulsating Star Research, IAU Colloquium 176
Page: 313
Authors: Kovács, G.; Alcock, C.; Allsman, R.; Alves, D.; Axelrod, T.; Becker, A.; Bennett, D.; Clement, C.; Cook, K. H.; Drake, A.; Freeman, K.; Geha, M.; Griest, K.; Kurtz, D. W.; Lehner, M.; Marshall, S.; Minniti, D.; Nelson, C.; Peterson, B.; Popowski, P.; Pratt, M.; Quinn, P.; Rodgers, A.; Rowe, J.; Stubbs, C.; Sutherland, W.; Tomaney, A.; Vandehei, T.; Welch, D. L.; The MACHO Collaboration
Abstract: We present the first massive frequency analysis of the 1200 first overtone RR Lyrae stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud observed in the first 4.3 yr of the MACHO project. Besides the many new double-mode variables, we also discovered stars with closely spaced frequencies. These variables are most probably nonradial pulsators.
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