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Paper: First Results of the 17th DSN Campaign: Photometry of XX Pyx
Volume: 203, The Impact of Large-Scale Surveys on Pulsating Star Research, IAU Colloquium 176
Page: 469
Authors: Arentoft, T.; Handler, G.; Shobbrook, R. R.; Wood, M. A.; Crause, L.; Crake, P.; Podmore, F.; Habanyama, A.; Oswalt, T.; Birch, P. V.; Lowe, G.; Sterken, C.; Meintjes, P.; Brink, J.; Claver, C. F.; Medupe, R.; Guzik, J. A.; Beach, T. E.; Martinez, P.; Leibowitz, E. M.; Ibbetson, P. A.; Smith, T.; Ashoka, B. N.; Raj, N. E.; Kurtz, D. W.; Balona, L. A.; Costa, J. E. S.; Breger, M.
Abstract: We present the first results from multi-site observations of the δ Scuti star XX Pyx (CD-24o7599). The observations were carried out as the 17th run of the Delta Scuti Network. We collected 583 hr of B,V time-series photometry, resulting in a detection level (4σ) in the amplitude spectrum of 0.5 mmag. We detect 6 new pulsation frequencies, bringing the total number of frequencies known in this star up 19.
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