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Paper: The Dual Dust Chemistry - Binarity Connection
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 100
Authors: de Marco, O.; Barlow, M.J.; Cohen, M.; Bond, H.E.; Harmer, D.; Jones, A.F.
Abstract: Accumulating evidence points to a binary nature for the Wolf-Rayet ([WC]) central stars, a group that constitutes about 15% of all central stars of planetary nebula. From ISO observations, a dual dust chemistry (oxygen- and carbon-rich) has been shown to be almost exclusively associated with [WC] central stars, a fact that could be explained by O-rich dust residing in a disk, while the C-rich dust is more widely distributed. HST/STIS spatially resolved spectroscopy of the [WC10] central star CPD–56°8032 is interpreted as revealing a dust disk or torus around the central star. This, together with CPD–56°8032's variable lightcurve, is taken as an indirect indication of binarity. Finally, we present here, for the first time, preliminary results from a radial velocity survey of central stars. Out of 18 stars with excellent data at least 8 are radial velocity variables. If these turn out to be binaries, it is likely that the central star binary fraction is as high as ~50%.
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