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Paper: Dynamics of Galaxies in Compact Groups I
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 60
Authors: Mendes de Oliveira, C.; Amram, P.
Abstract: We describe a long-term program based on Fabry-Perot H&alpha velocity field data of compact groups taken at the ESO and the CFH 3.6m telescopes. The main goals of our project are: 1) determine the evolutionary stages of the studied groups, 2) search for tidal dwarf galaxy candidates in interacting systems and 3) in combination with photometry available in the literature, determine the Tully-Fisher relation for the group galaxies. In this paper we summarize all the H &alpha Fabry-Perot data we have obtained to date and present a preliminary discussion of point 1). The sample of 18 systems (with 64 galaxies) studied here contain groups at a variety of dynamical stages: from a false group that is in fact one single irregular galaxy with several star-forming blobs (e.g. HCG 18) to a group whose members are strongly interacting and possibly forming tidal dwarf galaxies (e.g. HCG 92) to a group in the final process of merging (e.g. HCG 31). A companion paper (Amram and Mendes de Oliveira, 2000) shows examples of galaxy velocity fields for groups in different dynamical stages.
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