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Paper: The Nature of Hickson Compact Group 18
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 112
Authors: Plana, Henri; Mendes de Oliveira, Claudia; Amram, Philippe; Balkowski, Chantal
Abstract: We present new observations of H&alpha emission of the Hickson Compact Group 18 (HCG 18) obtained with a scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer. The velocity field does not show motions of individual group members but instead a complex common velocity field of H18b, c and d. The gas distribution is very clumpy with blobs coinciding with group members but located also elsewhere. Comparing H&alpha with Hi data we reached the conclusion that HCG 18 seems to be an irregular galaxy containing several clumps of star formation sites.
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