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Paper: "On-the-Fly" Calibration System for the ISO Data Archive
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 195
Authors: Osuna, P.; Arviset, C.; Saxton, R. D.; Pollock, A.; Verdugo, E.
Abstract: The Infrared Space Observatory, ISO, has performed around 137000 observations during its almost 28 months of flight. At the end of the mission, all available data were processed and ingested into the ISO Data Archive (IDA) specifically designed at the ISO Data Centre in Villafranca del Castillo near Madrid, Spain. However, data processing and calibration software improve continuously as the behavior of the instruments is better understood, making necessary the existence of a proper ``On-the-Fly'' Calibration System, by which the astronomical community would be able to request the state-of-the-art ISO products via the IDA User Interface.
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