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Paper: An Effective PC/Linux Based Control System Upgrade for the UH 2. 2-m Telescope
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 275
Authors: Lovell, R.; Sousa, E.; Inouye, M.; Maesato, K.; Pickles, A.; Tonry, J.; Mizoshiri, A.; Oshiro, P.; Amano, L.; Motomura, H.
Abstract: The University of Hawai`i 2.2-m telescope is a general purpose optical/infrared telescope with excellent wide-field and high resolution (fast tip-tilt) capabilities. An LSI-based TCS with custom-built servo electronics has been successfully used for 20 years, but is now the principle constraint on the telescope's continued efficient operation. We are implementing a modern control system with the following criteria for effective control at modest cost: (1) improve existing performance for slewing, setting, pointing, tracking and offsetting; (2) provide reliable software operation with remote oversight, diagnostic and future remote operation capabilities; (3) utilize existing hardware where appropriate; and (4) provide a user friendly and easily upgradable system to enable efficient interaction between telescope and multi-instrument control. The system we are implementing derives from the successful TCS upgrade at the Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT (MDM) Hiltner 2.4-m telescope, with significant differences. It uses a PCI based PC running Linux, a 3-axis Galil DC servo motion control card for the 2 telescope and dome axes, modern relay logic control hardware, and existing drive and encoder mechanisms.
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