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Paper: HARP and ACSIS on the JCMT
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 33
Authors: Dent, W.; Duncan, W.; Ellis, M.; Harris, J.; Lightfoot, J.; Wall, R.; Gibson, H.; Hills, R.; Richer, J.; Smith, H.; Withington, S.; Burgess, T.; Casorso, R.; Dewdney, P.; Hovey, G.; Redman, R.; Yeung, K.; Force, B.; Pain, I.
Abstract: The design for a 16-beam 345GHz heterodyne array and correlator is described. HARP, the array frontend, will be used with ACSIS, a correlator and array of reduction processors, to form a complete heterodyne imaging system for the JCMT. HARP will be a 4 × 4 square focal plane array of tunerless SIS mixers, fed via an SSB filter and cooled optics. Together with an external calibration system, this will be mounted on the opposite Nasmyth platform to SCUBA. The prime observing modes will be Jiggle-map, for obtaining deep images of the array field of view, and raster-scan, for making large-scale on-the-fly maps. At the fastest mapping speed, it will be possible to cover 1 degree square in ~20 minutes, including calibration. However, in order to reduce the data rate to manageable proportions, the system will include real-time data reduction, the method of which will be pre-programmed in advance using a scripting language. ACSIS is under construction at DRAO/Penticton, UK ATC and HIA/Victoria, and is described in more detail: <A HREF="">JCMT</A>. HARP is being built at MRAO/Cambridge, UK ATC and HIA/Victoria, and is described in more detail on the MRAO web site: <A HREF="">MRAO</A>.
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