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Paper: Fast Switching Experiments with the Nobeyama Millimeter Array
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 340
Authors: Morita, K.-I.; Handa, K.; Asaki, Y.; Kitamura, Y.; Yokogawa, S.; Saito, M.; Wilner, D. W.; Ho, P. T. P.
Abstract: We have conducted fast switching experiments with AB array (maximum baseline of about 350 m) and C array (maximum baseline of about 160 m) of the Nobeyama Millimeter Array (NMA). Cycle time of most of the experiments was limited to about 1 minute due to the slew speed of 10-m antennas of the NMA and S/N of calibrators. Since time scale of atmospheric fluctuation is usually very fast in bad seeing condition of which effective baseline length is less than 100 m, it was difficult to calibrate atmospheric phase noise by fast switching for such a condition. For good or medium seeing condition, we found that dynamic range of image after fast switching calibration sometimes increases by factor of 2 even for C array. From simultaneous measurements of differential radiometric fluctuation at 220 GHz, we will show the possibility of phase calibration using both radiometric method and fast switching.
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