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Paper: MACHO Bulge Microlensing: Spectroscopy Needed
Volume: 230, Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies
Page: 39
Authors: Minniti, D.; Alcock, C.; Cook, K.; Geha, M.; Marshall, S.; Nelson, C.; Popowski, P.; Axelrod, T.; Allsman, R.; Drake, A.; Freeman, K. C.; Peterson, B.; Becker, A.; Pratt, M.; Stubbs, C.; Tomaney, A.; Alves, D. R.; Bennett, D.; Quinn, P.; Welch, D.; Sutherland, W.
Abstract: We discuss the analysis of MACHO bulge microlensing. New results that give a smaller optical depth [τ = (2-3) 10-6] are encouragingly closer to current models of the inner Milky Way. Although hundreds of bulge events are now available and much progress has occurred, there is still a need for spectroscopic characterization of the microlensing events.
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