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Paper: Rotation of the Disk of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Volume: 230, Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies
Page: 537
Authors: Alves, D. R.
Abstract: The rotation of the disk of the LMC is derived from the radial velocities of 975 carbon stars. The radial component of the disk's velocity ellipsoid is σR = 28+/-14 km/s. The disk rotates with a true maximum circular velocity of 79 km/s after correcting for asymmetric drift. For a typical submaximal disk, the LMC's dark halo has a mass of 1ċ1010 Msolar inside of 10 kpc. If the LMC microlensing lens population is a halo of stars in the LMC, its mass-to-light ratio is >10.
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