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Paper: The Submaximal Disk of NGC 4254
Volume: 230, Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies
Page: 559
Authors: Kranz, T.; Slyz, A.; Rix, H.-W.
Abstract: We report the first results of a project aimed at determining the amount of baryonic mass in the disks of spiral galaxies relative to the total mass in the central regions of these systems. For our analysis we simulate gas flow in galaxy potentials while varying the stellar contribution to the total potential. Comparing the output of hydro-simulations - namely gas density and gas velocity fields - to the observed kinematics of a galaxy given by Hα long-slit spectra, we can identify the best matching set of the disk's spiral pattern speed and mass-to-light ratio. The hydro-simulations clearly show that the disk of the galaxy NGC 4254 (M 99) is not maximal. The velocity-wiggles which arise in the 'maximal-disk'-potential are too strong to successfully match the observed spectra. We rather claim that the disk is ≈ 60% maximal.
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