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Paper: Photometric Variability in the Faint Sky Variability Survey
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 643
Authors: Morales-Rueda, L.; Groot, P.J.; Augusteijn, T.; Nelemans, G.; Vreeswijk, P.M.; van den Besselaar, E.J.M.
Abstract: The Faint Sky Variability Survey (FSVS) is aimed at finding photometric and/or astrometric variable objects between 16th and 24th mag on time-scales between tens of minutes and years with photometric precisions ranging from 3 millimag to 0.2 mag. An area of ~23 deg2, located at mid and high Galactic latitudes, was covered using the Wide Field Camera (WFC) on the 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) on La Palma. Here we present some preliminary results on the variability of sources in the FSVS.
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