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Paper: Infrared Spectroscopy Data Reduction with ORAC-DR
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 314
Authors: Economou, F.; Jenness, T.; Cavanagh, B.; Wright, G. S.; Bridger, A. B.; Kerr, T. H.; Hirst, P.; Adamson, A. J.
Abstract: ORAC-DR is a flexible and extensible data reduction pipeline suitable for both on-line and off-line use. Since its development it has been in use on-line at UKIRT for data from the infrared cameras UFTI and IRCAM and at JCMT for data from the sub-millimetre bolometer array SCUBA. We have now added a suite of on-line reduction recipes that produces publication quality (or nearly so) data from the CGS4 near-infrared spectrometer and the MICHELLE mid-infrared Echelle spectrometer. As an example, this paper briefly describes some pipeline features for one of the more commonly used observing modes.
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