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Paper: Trends and Scatter of Abundance Ratios for Metal-poor Turnoff Stars
Volume: 336, COSMIC ABUNDANCES as Records of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis in honor of David L. Lambert
Page: 55
Authors: Nissen, P.E.; Asplund, M.; Lambert, D.L.; Primas, F.; Smith, V.V.
Abstract: Trends and scatter of abundances of Li, O, Ca and Fe in metal-poor stars are discussed with particular emphasis on new results obtained by analyzing high resolution ESO VLT/UVES spectra of 23 turnoff stars using effective temperatures derived from the Hα line. Evidence of a significant cosmic scatter in O/Fe and Ca/Fe at a given metallicity is found, whereas the scatter in Li/H is very small, i.e. less than 0.03 dex. The results are compared to previous data for halo, thick and thin disk stars, and to the prediction of the primordial Li abundance from WMAP.
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