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Paper: HST/STIS Far-UV Imaging of Clusters of Galaxies
Volume: 249, The Central Kiloparsec of Starbursts and AGN: the La Palma Connection
Page: 294
Authors: Baum, S. A.; O'Dea, C. P.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Mack, J.; Laor, A.
Abstract: We present the first HST STIS Far-UV imaging of the Lyman α emission line and nearby continuum in the inner regions of the cooling flows in the clusters Abell 1795 and Abell 2597. We find continuum and Lyman α emission on the kpc scale in both objects. There is good spatial coincidence of the line and continuum emission with the radio source, suggesting that the radio source has been influential in triggering and/or powering the emission. However, there is also more diffuse Lyman α line emission on scales beyond the radio source. The observed Far-UV continuum is consistent with having been produced by a population of young stars. A preliminary analysis suggests the FUV continuum is consistent with the luminosity of the nebula being powered by stars only if all the FUV continuum is produced by very hot stars (e.g., O5) and if all the ionizing photons from the stars are absorbed by the gas.
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