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Paper: The 3D Stellar Distribution in the MACHO Bulge Fields
Volume: 275, Disks of Galaxies: Kinematics, Dynamics and Perturbations
Page: 121
Authors: Fux, R.; Axelrod, T.; Popowski, P.
Abstract: The MACHO experiment has collected V and R band stellar photometry within a roughly 8 deg× 8 deg area of the Galactic bulge centred on (l,b)≈(4 deg,-6 deg). Here we describe how these data supplemented with new I-band observations of the same sky area and new VRI observations on the bulge minor axis will be used to recover the 3D structure of the bulge/bar as mainly traced by the ~ 3\cdot 106 red clump stars enclosed in the surveyed region.
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