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Paper: ClassX: Prototyping the Virtual Observatory with an X-ray Classifier
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 50
Authors: McGlynn, T.; Angelini, L.; Corcoran, M.; Drake, S.; Hanisch, R.; White, R.; Postman, M.; Donahue, M.; Suchkov, A.; Genova, F.; Ochsenbein, F.; Fernique, P.; Wenger, M.
Abstract: We describe early results from a collaboration of the HEASARC, STScI, and CDS to develop an automated X-ray classifier. This classifier will use existing distributed information on the Web to categorize astronomical sources. While the classifier will be very useful scientifically, this project is also funded to prototype several aspects of the Virtual Observatory including coherent combination of information from many remote sites, cross-correlation of large legacy databases, and instantiation of user agents to perform complex tasks over the Internet. In addition to our science goals and the delivery of the X-ray classifier to the user community, we anticipate that our experience building the classifier will suggest appropriate methodologies for building other classifiers and Virtual Observatory tools.
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