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Paper: A Large Scale Study of H13CO+ and C18O (J = 1--0) in Orion B
Volume: 287, Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum
Page: 42
Authors: Aoyama, H.; Mizuno, N.; Onishi, T.; Mizuno, A.; Fukui, Y.
Abstract: To reveal an extensive image of dense molecular gas (nH_2 >≈ 104-5 cm-3) of Orion B giant molecular cloud, we have carried out systematic observations in H13CO+ (J = 1--0) based on the C18O (J = 1--0) observations. We have identified 19 C18O clumps and found that C18O molecular column density is a good indicator of star formation. The eleven H13CO+ clumps are classified clearly into massive clumps or small clumps by their mass, and these two-types show different star formation modes. Detailed observations were also made toward some of the H13CO+ clumps with the Nobeyama 45m telescope.
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