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Paper: Quasistatic Evolution of Binary Neutron Star Systems Before Merging
Volume: 293, 3D Stellar Evolution
Page: 88
Authors: Eriguchi, Y.; Usui, F.
Abstract: Binary neutron star systems evolve due to the back reaction of gravitational wave emission. Although this evolution is essentially a time dependent phenomenon, most stages of the evolution can be regarded as if the system were in a stationary state. Consequently we can follow the evolution of binary neutron star systems quasistatically by connecting quasiequilibrium states of binary neutron stars. On the equilibrium sequences of congruent binary neutron star systems there are two important states of equilibrium configurations: 1) the minimum angular momentum state where some unstable phenomenon sets in and 2) the contact state from which a single body sequence will continue. Recent numerical results of quasiequilibrium approaches for the binary neutron star evolution are briefly reviewed and some problems in general relativistic treatments are discussed.
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