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Paper: eSTAR: Building an Observational GRID
Volume: 295, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
Page: 13
Authors: Allan, A.; Naylor, N.; Steele, I.; Carter, D.; Etherton, J.; Mottram, C.
Abstract: The eSTAR Project is a programme to build a prototype robotic telescope network to design and test the infrastructure and software which could be used in larger scale projects. The network consists of a number of autonomous telescopes, and associated rapid data reduction pipelines, connected together using Globus middleware. Intelligent agents carry out resource discovery, submit observing requests, and analyse the reduced data returned by the telescope nodes. The agents are capable of carrying out data mining and cross-correlation tasks using online catalogues and databases and, if necessary, requesting follow-up observations from the telescope nodes. We discuss the design and implications of the eSTAR software and its implications with respect to the GRID.
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