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Paper: SkyDOT: A Publicly Accessible Variability Database, Containing Multiple Sky Surveys and Real-Time Data
Volume: 295, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
Page: 85
Authors: Starr, D.; Wozniak, P.; Vestrand, W. T.
Abstract: SkyDOT (Sky Database for Objects in Time-Domain) is a Virtual Observatory currently comprised of data from the RAPTOR, ROTSE I, and OGLE II survey projects. This makes it a very large time domain database. In addition, the RAPTOR project provides SkyDOT with real-time variability data as well as stereoscopic information. With its web interface, we believe SkyDOT will be a very useful tool for both astronomers and the public. Our main task has been to construct an efficient relational database containing all existing data, while handling a real-time inflow of data. We also provide a useful web interface allowing easy access to both astronomers and the public. Initially, this server will allow common searches, specific queries, and access to light curves. In the future we will include machine learning classification tools and access to spectral information.
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