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Paper: Digital Access to Aero- and Astrophotographic Archives
Volume: 295, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
Page: 93
Authors: de Cuyper, J.-P.; van Dessel, E.; Pauwels, T.; Vanommeslaeghe, J.; Prils, H.; de Decker, G.; Pierre, O.; Lavreau, J.; Fernandez, M.; Tran, T.; Sterken, C.; David, M.; Schots, M.; Daelemans, G.
Abstract: The aim of this test-bed project, initiated and financed by the Belgian Federal Services for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (SSTC Project I2/AE/103), is to acquire within the coming 4 years, the necessary know-how, hardware and software in order (i) to preserve the historic and the scientific information contained in aero- and astrophotographic archives, both on glass plates and on film; (ii) to provide a user-friendly intranet and internet access to the catalogue and the (meta)data; (iii) to make the photographic information exploitable again for scientific applications, by means of a high resolution digitisation technique.
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