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Paper: The ISOCAM Parallel Mode Survey
Volume: 295, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
Page: 117
Authors: Ott, S.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Schartel, N.; Vo, T.
Abstract: During most of ESA's ISO mission, the mid-infrared camera ISOCAM continued to observe the sky mainly around 6.7 μm with a pixel field of view of 6'' in its so-called ``parallel mode'' while another instrument was prime. This permitted an serendipitous survey of limited areas of the infrared sky, with varying depth and wavelength per field due to the different instrumental configurations used and the highly variable time spent per pointed observation. Dedicated calibration, data reduction and source extraction methods were developed to analyse these serendipitously recorded data: 37000 individual pointings, taken during 6700 hours of observation. Using sophisticated merging algorithms, over 42 square degrees of the sky --- roughly one per mille of the celestial sphere --- are currently being processed and catalogued. For the final catalogue around 30000 distinct point sources are expected. Their mid-infrared flux goes down to 0.5 mJy. Sources observed with the most sensitive instrumental configuration have a median flux of 2.7 mJy outside the galactic plane, and a median flux of 6.3 mJy inside the galactic plane.
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