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Paper: COSMOS-3: The Third Generation Telescope Control Software System of Nobeyama Radio Observatory
Volume: 295, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
Page: 166
Authors: Morita, K.-I.; Nakai, M.; Takahashi, T.; Miyazawa, K.; Ohishi, M.; Tsutsumi, T.; Takakuwa, S.; Ohta, H.; Yanagisawa, K.
Abstract: COSMOS-3 is the third generation telescope software system of Nobeyama Radio Observatory, which was designed to control and to monitor the 45 m telescope and Nobeyama Millimeter Array and to acquire observing data from receiver backends. COSMOS-3 is functionally divided into three layers. Tools at the top layer provide user interfaces for many kinds of observing requirements and various displays of observing results and system monitors. There are MANAGER and MERGER at a middle layer, which control message/data flow between upper layer and lower layers. At a bottom layer, there are many Local Controllers to communicate with each device. For flexibility and system stability, COSMOS-3 has simple communication interfaces between different layers and no direct connection between subsystems at the bottom layer. For non-expert software engineers, it provides a wrapping mechanism at the bottom layer which makes it easy for non-expert people to develop Local Controllers.
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