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Paper: Refactoring DIRT
Volume: 295, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
Page: 381
Authors: Amarnath, N. S.; Pound, M. W.; Wolfire, M. G.
Abstract: The Dust InfraRed ToolBox (DIRT - a part of the Web Infrared ToolShed, or WITS, located at is a Java applet for modeling astrophysical processes in circumstellar shells around young and evolved stars. DIRT has been used by the astrophysics community for about 4 years. DIRT uses results from a number of numerical models of astrophysical processes, and has an AWT based user interface. DIRT has been refactored to decouple data representation from plotting and curve fitting. This makes it easier to add new kinds of astrophysical models, use the plotter in other applications, migrate the user interface to Swing components, and modify the user interface to add functionality (for example, SIRTF tools). DIRT is now an extension of two generic libraries, one of which manages data representation and caching, and the second of which manages plotting and curve fitting. This project is an example of refactoring with no impact on user interface, so the existing user community was not affected.
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