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Paper: Large-scale Transport of Magnetic Flux and Flows in Solar Convection Zone
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 3
Authors: Ambroz, P.
Abstract: Horizontal transport of large-scale magnetic regions during the last three solar activity cycles was studied. The surface displacement of the magnetic regions was measured, and the horizontal velocity fields were inferred. A non-homogeneous transport of the magnetic flux over the solar surface, superposed on the global differential rotation and meridional circulation was considered. A large-scale velocity with the axially symmetric component and also with a large-scale non-axially symmetric component of the horizontal velocity field varies during the 11-year activity cycle. A spatial distribution of horizontal flow, horizontal divergence, and inferred relative magnetic helicity were studied over nearly 370 individual Carrington rotations, and their global values were derived from the three last solar activity cycles.
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