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Paper: Influence of Depth-dependent Diffusivity Profiles in Governing the Evolution of Weak, Large-scale Magnetic Fields of the Sun
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 107
Authors: Zita, E.; Song, N.; McDonald, E.; Dikpati, M.
Abstract: We study the influence of various magnetic diffusivity profiles on the evolution of the large-scale magnetic fields of the Sun. After noting that we have only an estimate of the diffusivity value at the surface (from a mixing-length argument), and that we do not know much about how it should vary as a function of depth down to the base of the convection zone or below it, we mathematically construct various theoretical profiles of the depth-dependent diffusivity. We study the effect of each profile, by using an advective-diffusive flux-transport model, in producing certain magnetic features at the surface. We compare the model output with observed solar magnetic features and discuss preliminary successes and drawbacks of each profile. We find that a double-stepped diffusivity profile yields the best results over a fairly wide range of possible diffusivities.
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