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Paper: Coronal Emission Lines Linear Polarization: a Tracer of Coronal Magnetic Fields Topology
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 145
Authors: Arnaud, J.
Abstract: Coronal Emission Lines (CEL) polarization is the only direct way to access magnetic fields in most of the low corona (up to one solar radius above the limb). Linear polarization CEL data were obtained by two different experiments in the seventies, opening a first window on the magnetic field topology. Twenty five years later, recently built new dedicated instruments, using present time photometric near infrared mosaic detectors, are opening a new era for coronal magnetometry. I present what we have learned from the past observations: the organisation of CEL polarization maps reflects the existence of a large scale organisation of the magnetic field and CEL measured polarization values set limits on the degree of inhomogeneity of coronal material and magnetic field.
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