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Paper: The Solar Oxygen Problem: Crisis, Catastrophe, or Opportunity?
Volume: 384, 14th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
Page: 52
Authors: Ayres, T.R.
Abstract: A proposed large reduction in the solar oxygen abundance— motivated by spectral synthesis of weak forbidden O I absorptions using 3D convection models—has provoked consternation in the helioseismology community: the spectacular agreement between measured interior sound speed profiles and predictions based on the historical εO completely unravels at the new lower value. In an effort to validate low-O, two generic tests of the 3D models are outlined. A snapshot from the CO5BOLD class of convection simulations is shown to meet some of the requirements, but fail others. Implications for the solar carbon monoxide (CO) spectrum—alternative O tracer—are discussed.
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