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Paper: Examining O and WR Star Winds with X-rays
Volume: 388, Mass Loss from Stars and the Evolution of Stellar Clusters
Page: 213
Authors: Oskinova, L.M.; Hamann, W.-R.; Feldmeier, A.
Abstract: The X-ray spectra of O stars show characteristic emission-line profiles. Their shape results from the attenuation of the X-ray emission by the inhomogenous wind material, and can be reproduced by adequate models. The wind absorption inWolf-Rayet type stars is at least an order of magnitude higher than in O-type stars. This high wind absorption was suggested to explain the lack of X-ray emission from WC-type stars. Winds of WN stars are less opaque for X-ray than winds of WC stars. Some putatively single WN stars are detected in X-rays, while others are not. It is presently unclear whether wind absorption alone can account for the different levels of X-ray emission observed in WR stars. – The profile of the NVII resonance line in the X-ray spectrum of ζ Puppis shows a self-absorption feature, indicating that the hot X-ray emitting plasma is optically thick.
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