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Paper: Radio Observations of Candidate Magnetic O Stars
Volume: 388, Mass Loss from Stars and the Evolution of Stellar Clusters
Page: 221
Authors: Schnerr, R.S.; Rygl, K.L.J.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Miller-Jones, J.C.A.; Henrichs, H.F.
Abstract: A number of O stars are suspected to have (weak) magnetic fields because of the observed cyclical variability in their UV wind-lines. However, direct detections of these magnetic fields with optical spectropolarimetry have proven to be very difficult. We have searched for non-thermal radio emission, which would be a strong indication for the presence of a magnetic field. Of our 5 selected candidate magnetic O stars, 3 are detected: ξ Per, which we find to have a non-thermal spectrum, and λ Cep and α Cam which show a thermal spectrum. We also find that the fluxes are lower than the expected free-free (thermal) contribution of the stellar wind. This is in agreement with recent findings that the mass-loss rates from O stars using Hα are overestimated because of clumping in the inner part of the stellar wind.
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