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Paper: The Metallicity Dependence of Wolf-Rayet Mass Loss
Volume: 391, Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Page: 305
Authors: Onifer, A.; Heger, A.; Abdallah, J.
Abstract: We produce models of early WN, WC, and WO stars as a function of metallicity Z using an analytic CAK-type approach. At log Z/Z ≥ −2 both WN and WC stars have the approximate dependence dM/dt ∝ Z0.5. For a WN wind the mass-loss rate drops rapidly below log Z/Z = −2, and no wind solution can be found for log Z/Z < −3. For WC and WO winds the mass-loss rate plummets in the range −3 ≤ log Z/Z ≤ −2 and tends to flatten due to the self-enrichment of C and O to around 10−8 M yr−1 for log Z/Z ≤ −4. No significant difference in dM/dt was found for WC versus WO stars at low metallicity.
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