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Paper: The Cognitive Visualization System with the Dynamic Projection of Multidimensional Data
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 343
Authors: Gorohov, V.; Vitkovskiy, V.
Abstract: The phenomenon of cognitive machine drawing consists in the generation on the screen the special graphic representations, which create in the brain of human operator entertainment means. These means seem man by aesthetically attractive and, thus, they stimulate its descriptive imagination, closely related to the intuitive mechanisms of thinking. The essence of cognitive effect lies in the fact that man receives the moving projection as pseudo-three-dimensional object characterizing multidimensional means in the multidimensional space. After the thorough qualitative study of the visual aspects of multidimensional means with the aid of the enumerated algorithms appears the possibility, using algorithms of standard machine drawing to paint the interesting user separate objects or the groups of objects. Then it is possible to again return to the dynamic behavior of the rotation of means for the purpose of checking the intuitive ideas of user about the clusters and the connections in multidimensional data. Is possible the development of the methods of cognitive machine drawing in combination with other information technologies, first of all with the packets of digital processing of images and multidimensional statistical analysis.
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