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Paper: A Simulator for the Long Wavelength Array
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 681
Authors: Kuniyoshi, M.; Bhatnagar, S.; Taylor, G.; Polisensky, E.; Paravastu, N.
Abstract: The LongWavelength Array (LWA) will be a radio telescope operating in the frequency range 20-80MHz with a high spatial resolution (arcsecond) and mJy sensitivity, where the detailed observation has never been done before. The LWA will consist of about 50 stations of 256 dipoles each. We are working on developing the LWA simulator. LWA simulations with the dominant error terms (ionosphere effect, LWA station primary beam, etc.) are crucial in further research on imaging and calibration algorithms for LWA. First, simulations were carried out to study the effects of LWA primary beam variations as a function of elevation. Here, we describe the simulation results in detail.
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