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Paper: New Results from the McDonald Observatory and ESO/VLT Planet Surveys
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 51
Authors: Endl, M.; Cochran, W.D.; Kürster, M.; Wittenmyer, R.A.; Bean, J.L.
Abstract: We discuss the current status of our precision radial velocity surveys at the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) and 2.7 m telescope at McDonald Observatory, as well as at the ESO/VLT in the southern hemisphere. With the HET we have just detected a planetary system, consisting of 2 Jovian-type planets, around a very metal-poor star ([Fe/H] = -0.68). Furthermore, using the VLT data for Barnard’s star and Proxima Cen we will demonstrate that our current sensitivity for low-mass planets around mid M dwarfs (M4-M5V) approaches 1 Earth mass.
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