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Paper: Galaxies in the First Billion Years: Implications for Reionization and the Star Formation History at z > 6
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 63
Authors: Bunker, A.J.; Stanway, E.R.; Ellis, R.S.; Lacy, M.; Stark, D.P.; Chiu, K.; McMahon, R.G.; Eyles, L.P.
Abstract: Redshift 6, one billion years after the Big Bang, marks the end of the reionization epoch. A crucial question is whether the UV flux from young starbursts at this redshift is sufficient to achieve this reionization. We have used the Lyman break technique to identify candidate star-forming galaxies at this redshift in deep HST/ACS images (Stanway et al. 2003; Bunker et al. 2004).
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