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Paper: Galaxy Mass Growth in GDDS and SDSS
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 148
Authors: Glazebrook, K.; Mentuch, E.; McCarthy, P.; Abraham, R.; Baldry, I.; Driver, S.
Abstract: I present some new results related to our understanding of the masses of galaxies both in the local and high-redshift Universe. At high-redshift new Spitzer data on galaxies in the Gemini Deep Deep Survey allow us a more accurate measure of stellar mass to light ratios (using rest frame near-IR light) showing a refinement of the measurements but not great discrepancies. In the local universe a new method is explored to estimate the baryonic mass function of galaxies including contributions from unseen HI. This points to an interesting result: that the baryonic mass function of galaxies may in fact be quite steep, of comparable slope to the mass function of dark matter haloes.
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